SOCO Advertising has decades of experience in all facets of marketing and advertising. We’ve worked with clients of all sizes – from start-ups to NYSE-traded corporations to nationwide companies with annual sales in the hundreds of millions. Every client gets the same attention and direct oversight from agency principals – we are truly vested in our clients and their success.

Among our wide-range of capabilities – all backed with real-world experience and results – are the following:

Research Services

  • Feasibility research
  • Demographic analysis (of PMA or other markets)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mystery shopping (client or competitors) and reporting
  • Survey development, administration and analysis (prospects, existing customers/clients)

Strategic & Media Planning

  • Marketing campaign and budget development, including ROI post-campaign analysis
  • Media buying/negotiation/placement/audit
    • Print
    • Digital (PPC, Facebook, Twitter)
    • Radio (terrestrial/satellite)
    • Broadcast/cable television
    • Out-of-Home (billboard, signage)
  • Medium efficiency analysis and demographic alignment

Creative Services

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting (research, interview, extensive senior living/gerontology expertise)
    • All advertising pieces
    • Collateral
    • Digital communications, including full-service blogging
    • Internal communications
    • Press releases
    • Editorial content
  • Custom photography
  • Video production (full service: copywriting, casting, filming, direction, production, post)
    • Commercials (broadcast or developed for online use)
    • Video tours
    • Interviews
    • Aerial footage
  • Audio (full service: copywriting, casting, recording, direction, production, post)
    • Commercials
    • Online audio
    • Jingle production

Digital Services

  • Account setup, maintenance (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Web development, search engine optimization, mobile app development

Media Relations

  • Media list development
  • “House of messages” development
  • Press release development (full service: concept development, interview, copywriting, distribution)
  • Earned media placement (broadcast television, print, radio, online)

Sales Support

  • CRM set-up, training, strategy
  • Sales training, coaching, analysis
  • Human resources program development, recruiting, staffing (advertising, interviews)